Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday's Love List

Well, I have never been one for sticking to any type of a schedule, so here's this week's list...on Saturday!!

.:1:. Definitely my number one, top of the list, best thing this week, is finally being able to run with company!! My how much lighter the load, when carried alongside a friend!! I have been running for over 5 months now and my only companion has been some music! So when I had the opportunity to join a friend this weekend for a jaunt down the dusty, ankle-busting-rock covered, critter-loaded Canim Lake road, I jumped at it! I didn't care what time she had in mind! And run we did - amongst some highland dancing impressions - whatever the case, it was all! Thanks again KJ!!

.:2:. Staying along the same next best thing this week...finishing the longest run of my life, to date! What a mental challenge!! 14 kms done...unfortunately, converting this mileage into miles in order to make the 21kms sound like a much more manageable 13 miles, makes my 14 km accomplishment not sound so impressive! So let's just stick with the big numbers, all around!

.:3:. Okay, changing gears here, next up would have to be Avery's newest habit/talent! There is no rhyme nor reason for her to do her bit, nor can I yet get her to do it on command, but this "Acting tough"/ "being a pirate" still makes us laugh...every time she does it!!

.:4:. Seeing Karys share with her little sister! And the joy that brings to all! Obviously, the fact that it has made my list goes to show you that we are having sharing issues in this of late!

.:5:. Making my husband is pretty easy, but this is one seriously happy man - once he figured out how to work it!

.:6:. Avery's first teeth...visible! I know it's a stretch, but they're there and we're proud of her!

.:7:. New recipes - seriously...I love trying new things and even more when they turn out!! So...let me know some of your faves, please!!! My family is soo tired of the same old same old!

.:8:. Our surprise reimbursement from...the government!! Whoa...they actually admit when they owe you money?!?! This time they did, but we have an inkling that that money has more to do with God blessing us rather than the government fessing up to what they owed us!

.:9:. The afternoon hours of silence in my home when both girls are down, the chores are done and I get to sit in the silence!

.:10:. Did I mention I was really glad to have someone to run with this morning?? Oh...well...I did really enjoy it! And, hope you are able to enjoy this "long" weekend - quoted as such, because when you work for/with family, holidays don't really matter! There's many other perks though...right?! Anyhow...enjoy!