Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Love List...

Here's hoping that things will start looking up!

.:1:. Finishing 14kms for the second time!! Although not having anyone to run with is a bit challenging, 14k is 14k! Maybe a bit easier when endured with company!!

.:2:. Being able to surprise my Mom and Grandma with a short visit to the coast - from which, I am presently blogging!!

.:3:. Changing up - after a minor catastrophe - the look of my blog! Ahhh, purple! Me love purple!

.:4:. Hamburgers! Given the copious amounts of beef residing in my deep freeze, I don't have much of a choice when it comes to what kind of meat I'll be serving! But I do have a choice in the cut, and how I will prepare it!! And sometimes - often times - the cut I choose is "ground" and the method I use for prep is "mixed and mashed"! I honestly love homemade hamburgers and find it sacrilege to purchase the store-bought version! So, as of late, we have been partaking in our fair share of these literal "hand-fulls"!

.:5:. "The Next Food Network Star" - there are not many shows that I can attest to faithfully watching, and even this one is hard for me to remember! But when it shows up on the guide, it is a must-view!! Love it!

.:6:. Letting Karys play "dress-up"! I know that I could avoid a lot of mess if I would simply avoid going along with her wishes, but when she gets that perfect outfit together that makes her feel "just so," the joy that fills her eyes is priceless! And, frankly, I just put myself in her shoes ... I would want someone to help me fulfill my momentary desires!

.:7:. Enjoying an incredibly delicious meal - ocean-front!

.:8:. Knowing that in one month, my worries will no longer be! Not that they are anything serious, but simply having things hanging over me is unsettling! I can only trust and surrender!

.:9:. The start of the Olympics!! I love the Olympics and watching whatever it is that is broadcasted at the moment I flick on the telly! Who knows how much that will be this year, with such stiff competition as Franklin and Backyardigans...but I'll enjoy what I can get!

.:10:. "For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord... "Plans to give you a hope and a future" ~Jer. 29:11! What better promise exists?!

~Hoping you have a great weekend...doing whatever it is that makes a weekend enjoyable for you!


Sarah said...

I enjoyed reading this entry!! I too love watching the Olympics :) Enjoy your visit on the coast - so nice!