Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Love List

Ahhh...another week has come and gone!! And I have yet to do *gasp* a load of laundry!!! You see, I am a pro when it comes to procrastination!! And, given that we returned from a trip to the coast last Sunday evening, and Jim had to return to work first thing Monday morning, I figured I'd "keep him company" - read: avoid doing all the necessary house-keeping that is involved with returning from a trip! And given that this week has been one filled with nice weather, I figured, "May as well continue going to the lake!!" So, here we are, it's Friday again and I must face reality! I am house-bound today in hopes to get a handle on all things going awray, and what am I doing...blogging! But I figured I couldn't keep my faithful reader(s) waiting for my list! it is!

.:1:. Definitely at the top for this week is completing my 15km run on Thursday morning! Man was I dreading this one! Not like adding one km to my agenda makes the whole thing impossible, but it's a mental thing! Yup, I'm mental!! And 15k freaked me out!! But I changed up my route a bit and psyched myself out into thinking it was like two different runs!

.:2:. Having company at the lake! You see, it is a vast amount of property intended to be used by many, but up until now, nobody has taken the offer! So this week there were 3 different families camping with us and it was nice! Along with that, Jim's cousins were also camping nearby and they came over for 2 afternoons to swim and play with my girls! So nice for Karys especially!

.:3:. Watching Avery's new little discoveries, that turn into an added point on my "to-do" list! (must lower crib!)

.:4:. Going to Car Shows with Jim! Especially ones on the Coast! We have gone to this one on the Coast for the past 5 years and thought that this year would be one we'd have to miss, but thanks to my generous Gramma, we were able to enjoy another Sleepy Hollow show! I know that there are many ladies out there who may go to these thing under duress, but I enjoy them because I know how much he enjoys them! And then I get a chance to make some artistic attempts at photography!

.:5:. Cute little favorite regardless! But even cuter when pink!

.:6:. Super savings! I know it may be nonsense to some, but when I see a good deal in a weekly flyer, I get happy! And this week's deal was no different!! You see, when I head out for my weekly "long run," I make sure to have a hearty amount of high calorie sugar water with me, aka: Powerade/Gatorade! And up until this week, I had simply been purchasing them at our local gas station for a little over $2 each! Imagine my surprise, and almost shock, when I saw that Save-On Foods (whose name I feel is false advertising in itself!) had these said drinks on sale: 20 for $10!! That's 50 cents each people! Whoa! So, now before those long runs all I have to do is take a wander downstairs and choose from my plethora of sweetness!

.:7:. Crossing things off my list of "things to do" - when I am at home I usually make a list every morning and cross things off as they get done!, I have yet to cross anything off!

.:8:. Spicy stuff! Like as in HOT! I have recently been hoover-ing my way through a Costco-sized jar of banana peppers that I couldn't pass up, and am so glad I didn't pass up! You see, I love spicy stuff, but could never justify spending $5 on a teeny jar of peppers at "Rip-Off" (save-on) - so, the last time we were at Costco and I saw this jar for $3.79 I thought it had to be wrong!! But I wasn't, so my life is now spiced!

.:9:. Learning new things! Like how to make the background of your photo fuzzy when you don't have a SLR! It is something I am determined to figure out now that I know I can manually adjust my camera! It is the figuring-it-out part that I am interested in and I have yet to have the time to sit down and experiment/read the manual! But, one day, I will and I will be glad!

.:10:. And, best for last, sitting down with Karys and watching my all-time favorite childhood movie...Annie! She is seeming to enjoy it as much as I! We have watched it twice already!! I go, feeling a bit like Cinderella herself! But, it must be done, so go I will, and do!


kelly said...

1. WAY TO GO!!!!! 15K is an awesome accomplishment!!!
4. i also enjoy going to car shows with alf, but this year i may have to take a rain cheque on the langley show and let him go with my dad, as it's only the weekend before my due date, and i don't anticipate wanting to spend the day on my feet :)
6. YEAH!
9. we got a photography for dummies book - found it to be pretty helpful!

Barley Girl said...

i was thinking about that movie annie the other day.. and wondering if paige would like it.. I might be a bit scary for her.. but I love it! I wish I could have been there to watch it with you guys...
as for the 15... so very proud....
wish me luck.. mines tommorrow at 5am..
love your love list ! as always...

jenpauls said...

haha i watched annie about 3082 times when i was kid - eventually my mom refused to let me watch it anymore and it was subsequently banned from our house. i'm pretty sure i could recite the whole movie. it's so fun that you get to watch it now with your daughter. is it as good as you remembered? :)