Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time Flies!!

Holy Moly!! As I looked at today's date, I knew it rang a bell, but couldn't figure out why! After a bit of pondering...I realized that today is Avery's 8 month day!!! I have no idea where the time has gone!! She was such an ity bity starting out, and now...she can surely hold her own!!

~Brand New~


As much as I was hoping she would stay a baby forever; therefore, not encouraging her toward reaching any milestones *blush*, she has definitely developed inspite of it!! This past month she has experimented with and perfected her crawling, and can now get into any thing, any where! She has successfully grown 2 teeth - unbeknownced to us! We have another silent teether!! Yay!She has gone from noticing when we eat, to desiring to partake in whatever it is we're eating!! And a very easily pleased eater she is!! She is now able to grab onto her crib rails and pull herself up! *note to self: must lower the crib!* And she can detect the difference between her toys and Karys' toys/things shes not allowed! Thus causing her to only want what she can't have!! starts this early?! So I have become creative in convincing her to play with things that appear to be forbidden...but she knows that if I gave it to her, she doesn't want it!
Having her newly-discovered mobility has made it more challenging for us to be at the lake - dusty dirt + crawling baby = massive mess! So she is no longer content with being in her exersaucer or playing in the playpen - at the lake or at home! And with this perfected scurrying comes the discovery of...STAIRS!! What is it with kids and stairs?! So...another note to self - buy gate!!

All these changes, however, are welcomed and embraced (after a bit of resistance on my part!)! Avery is an incredibly happy, easy-going baby! And we are excited to see who she grows into!!

Eight Months Old....

Groovy Girl!!
Muma's Baby!!
~Thank-You Jesus for Avery! A strong, healthy, and happy addition to our blessed family!~