Friday, February 11, 2011

project31 - day 5

5:: Write a post thanking someone who has made your heart come alive.

well, this one's easy-peasy! That would HAVE to be my incredible hubby!
I met the guy at a point in my life where even I didn't know who I was...
he stuck around,
laughed at my jokes
and didn't seem to be bothered by my severe lack of self-confidence
(I would have said, at the time, it was because "he's a guy" and wouldn't even have that on his radar...but nuthin' gets past this guy!!)
he saw my pain
but didn't push advice
he simply befriended a girl who needed him
neither of us knew it at the time!
2 years went by and we were still friends
neither thinking anything about the other
and then...
with all the support
with all the late night
heart-to-heart chats,
we both started to realize
there may be something more here.

he made a meat-eater out of a reluctant vegetarian
he patiently sat at my side as I shared my pain
he laughed with me...and at me
he didn't care one.bit. what other people thought...and still doesn't
he offered help and meant it
he helped me believe in my potential
he made dates...and kept them
he encouraged me through my last years of my degree and listened to my rants even though he had no clue what I was going on about!
he faced my family with not an ounce of intimidation...not an easy feat!
he shared God's truths with me and helped me make them my own
he talked about...and still talks Dad
he dreams...big
he believed in me...and still is my biggest fan
he loved me when i couldn't even stand myself

he loves to make me laugh

he is an IN.CREDIBLE Dado

my heart is alive because of this man...and I am blessed INDEED!

...i love you Babe.


kelly ens said...

LOVE it - this is awesome :)

Niki said...

Great post! You got yourself a great guy! (And I love Carys' face in the one photo. What a character!)