Tuesday, February 22, 2011

project31 - day 14 and 15

booo me!!! seriously!! how can I be so bad at this blogging thing?!?!?

Forgive me for these "catch up" posts...but honestly...? I don't have an excuse!

But I do want to mention, the last two days have been subjects that A: i don't feel like doing (day 14) and B: i feel like I'll be repeating myself!

SO I am going to completely skip *gasp* day 14, because who really wants to see my in another outfit?? Not me!

14. Style 31. Post an outfit pic! <<-- SKIPPED

Day 15. Write to encourage a friend. Inspire her beauty.

My dear friend Mo came into my life about a year ago...and although we didn't know each other, at ALL, prior to a book club meeting, we became fast friends and before long, it seemed like we'd known each other for years! Mo is a lover of life and all things beautiful...and she can find beauty in ALL things! So...here's to you...

Dear Mo,

You are beautiful! Do you know that?! I think deep down you want to know that and I see that you are trying to live confidently and assured....but humble. I love that!
I love your unique style...it inspires me to be brave and just wear things that I want to, not caring what others MAY think! Because, really, who cares!!??
You have taught me to be brave in my style, to love better, to laugh more, to scatter joy, to live life FULLY!
I am completely blessed by your friendship and am so excited to share more of our lives together!
Keep smilin'!


Jody & Melissa said...

I don't even know what to say in response to this... thank you for your very kind words. Your friendship means the world to me. xo