Wednesday, February 16, 2011

project31 - day 10

10. What is Jesus teaching you as a wife, mom, or friend? (Or just woman in general?)

HA! I don't mean to be harsh regarding this question, but seriously?! What isn't He teaching me, would be a far better wording for the question! Dontchya think?!

Okay, back to the question:

As a wife, He is teaching me to love without expectation. Now, I don't want you to get the wrong picture of what that looks like. My guy is an in.credible guy! Helps without asking, awesome Dad and a better house-keeper than I'll ever be! But...when I start getting these expectations in my head about how he should be doing things, or what he should do for only puts unknown pressure on him to "measure up" to something he knows nothing about! Now, I don't know about you, but I like knowing what's expected of me!

So...ya, I hope that makes more sense. I am trying to love him for him!

I am trying to be a better homemaker and not feel inferior when he cleans the house in a fraction of the time that it takes me.

I am trying my best to not do the those little things that I know irk him, that would be easy for me to stop, but I just haven't.

God wants me to be the best I can be in all situations. And as a wife, He has brought these particular things to mind.

As for a Muma, I strive daily to live up to what it says in Proverbs 31:26 - "She speaks with wisdom, and on her tongue there is tender instruction."

God has, thankfully, blessed me with these incredible girls and has also shown me how fast this time will be gone...never again to be relived.

I am trying so hard to "not sweat the small stuff" and breath my girls in for who they are

I am trying, with His help, to have grace in all situations. Grace that He so freely gives to us, but grace that I am often led to believe needs to be earned by my girls in order for me to give. How dare I?!

As a friend, I believe that God is really asking my to "share your truths"... meaning to share with my friends the incredible things He has brought us through and the simple truths that have become reality for us.

But in that prompting, I also believe that He is asking me to listen and share when/if appropriate. Not just to bound into a conversation and go on and on about everything about me. But, rather, sit and listen, and when I have dealt with a similar situation, then share to relate. a woman, God is still chipping away at the ugly wall of lack of confidence and self-deprecation. He is constantly whispering His loving truths into my ear, reassuring me of my abilities for the roles in which He's placed me. It's been a long road, I am just so thankful He hasn't given up on my yet!!


kelly ens said...

i think there's something to be said for the fact that you see Him teaching you these things. I think a lot of people just live frustrated lives and don't see that God is trying to grow us.
thanks for sharing these things!