Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Post in the making...months ago!

I have been meaning to get around to sharing some household happenings. These events took place when I was a non-blogger and I documented them thinking "If only I had a blog!"

Since moving up here we've definitely noticed a difference in the air (drier) and the water (harder). And, in fact, for the first 4-5 months Karys had chapped lips. I'm not talking a bit red and some chap stick would help. I'm talking layers of flappy skin coming off her lips - aided by her sitting and puling it off! Anyhow, when the weather got a bit colder, Karys came down with a runny nose and it just dripped! Non. Stop. The poor girl had me chasing after her with a dreaded kleenex all day; so much that when I would ask her if she needed her nose wiped she'd quickly run her finger along her top lip in attempts to wipe all the gooey goodness off and say "no, all gone!" Needless to say, her poor nose took quite a beating! So one day while I was getting dinner ready and she was happily playing by herself, I noticed her saying "Bee-bah, bee-bah, mommy me did it! Better now!" And you know when you hear talking but what they're saying isn't really registering. Well I knew she was talking about a band-aid (bee-bah) which she loved to pretend with. But I also knew she couldn't open them herself and so didn't really pay attention to what she was saying. Until she came walking into the kitchen all proud, repeating herself saying "better now mommy!" And she looked like this...

The poor girl knows you put band-aids on your owies! You can't blame her for trying!! And you can even see her chapped lips if you look close:(

I've never thought of Karys as a particularly sneaky child or even one who is that curious. She usually goes about getting into thing that she knows about and doesn't explore beyond that! So around the same time as the band-aid episode, when stuff is continually running out of her nose, something else happened. My daughter loves peas - in any form, frozen before dinner, or cooked during dinner. One night while I was getting dinner ready she asked for some peas in her bowl. So up she got into her seat and happily she ate...frozen peas! Good girl, keeping busy while Mommy gets supper ready! I put the full plates on the table and went to tell Jim that dinner was ready. While I am walking down the hall back into the kitchen Karys is saying something to me... "Mommy, nose" What a good girl, now she's telling me when she needs her nose blown! So I reach for a kleenex and she says "Mommy? Nose?" (Don't you love those two-year-old question/comments!) And I turn to look at her holding a pea and questioning whether it should go in her nose! "No silly, you don't put peas in your nose do you?" I ask, and she obediently answers "No!" Kleenex to nose I ask her to blow and something shoots out into the kleenex! What the???

So to my utter shock, she wasn't asking me if she could put peas in her nose, but rather telling me that she had put them there and look how many fit!! Man...what's a mother to say?! "Hold still while I get the camera!! Where did you put those peas that you never put them again??"

Et voila...lesson learned! Four peas fit into two nostrils and you never do that again!

In other news...we just got back from an enjoyable weekend with some friends! And something that struck me and my friend was...a 2 year old is a 2 year old! Well...girls at least! There were a 3 month old (Avery) a 13 month old, two 2 year olds, and a 4 year old - all girls! Poor hubbys... but they love their girls!! And you'd think that with all the hubbub, one would keep busy ie: out of trouble! But Karys kept putting herself right in line to get into trouble with the other 2 year old! Whenever one had something, the other had to have it. But if the younger/older one had something, it was perfectly fine! She was such a tease too! Purposely holding out something she knew the other wanted, only to wisk it away at the last moment! The dynamics of my 2 year old never cease to amaze me - especially when in company of others! I can say she's like "this," and she pull out some alter-ego, unmistakably opposite from how I had described her! So although we enjoyed ourselves with friends we hadn't seen in a while, I was humbled by the actions of my daughter! And...very thankful that both girls managed to deal very well with the 4 hour drive home!! Avery actually slept the entire time in the vehicle and woke up conveniently to go shopping and be fed, only to fall asleep again once we were back on the road!

In closing, I'll simply mention that my receding hairline has returned! Anyone else out there shed like an animal a few months after giving birth??? I remember something similar happening after having Karys, but this has come about much sooner and with more gusto than what I seem to remember! And...as much as I wish someone would just say "April fool's" to me and turn up the thermostat, it was -12 this morning, and that's no joke! Please Lord, bring on the melting! This snow has gotta go! And so must I! My content little babe isn't so content at the moment! But she did sleep until 8:45am again this morning!! Yippee!!


Lisa & Waylon said...

Hey Christina, I discovered your blog among the many others I lurk on. I love the pea story. I also loved frozen peas when I was little, and was surprised to discover I'm not the only one. And with the shedding of hair, I'm there too right now, it was so nice to have such thick hair while pregnant and now its all going away.