Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Summer "Home"

Yes we have entered into that realm of society that speaks of their "summer home" and how they're going to spend so much time there and have so much fun just relaxing. Except it's not really like that!! Yes we do have a summer "location" (read: land to lay our heads) and we will certainly be spending too much time there, but I have a sneaking suspicion that "relaxing" will play but a minor role in how our days are spent! We'll be spent! Knowing a bit about what we are up against this summer, we headed out to the property to "set up house"... so to speak!

So off we were! Dog and stuff in-tow and set to visit our future 'abode.'

Here's Miss K all excited and set to embark on a new adventure!

And here's how Avery spent her time!

And when all the books have been read and songs sung...time to bring out the silly faces!

We made it!!! So...close your eyes and wait until we get to the bottom of the drive-way! Ready... open your eyes!!

Here it is!!! Go on... get jealous!! right;P

So now that you're done drooling, here's a few pictures of the rest of our day! And, yes... I am serious! We are living here for the summer, but, as forementioned, there will be little relaxation and "summer home" simply refers to land to lay our heads! Definitely a change of scenery, but one we are embracing! After all, this property is the main reason we moved up here! It will be great for me and the girls to be outside so much and nice to be living where Daddy works! I am just a wee bit apprehensive about letting go of all my 21st century comforts! You know: microwave, Internet, washing machines, RUNNING WATER! Ah well, tis the season to rough it!! Anyone wanna come "relax!" Let me know - I'm sure we could squeeze you in to some of this open space!!

Me and Avery getting the lay of the land!

(like the sling?? get one here!)

Breaking in our stylish footwear!

Our newest form of communication.... smoke signals!


Re-arranging some living room decor!

Suffice it to say: Home Sweet Home!

And one must never forget...stake your claim!

I think she looks SO cute here in her long-johns! Almost like a pow-wow dancer!

Anyhow - that was our day! We are currently trying to get the blue house ready to put on the market and once that's done... hi-ho, hi-ho...it's off to the lake we go!! Seriously though, this property is gorgeous! Flat and lake-front! If you wanna nice place to lay your head let me know! You just might have to chop a few trees down or pound in some fence posts while you're there, but it'll be worth it!


Lisa said...

Wow Christina! Are you tenting it? Do you have a trailer? As usual, you write with humour and make it look interesting! Do you think the house will sell quickly?

rachel said...

the place looks great! believe me, in the summer you will enjoy it :) cornelsen's cabin is similar, and it can be quite refreshing not to have those 21st century items availble :)

Barley Girl said...

glad you know how to live in the wild. girl guides, camp squeah, biking across canada...
Brrr... it still looks like a freezer!!!anyone for a ice cream sandwichs, some ugly down jackets, and a little irish dancing..? hope to visit you this summer upt there!!

Amy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! The thought of living with out all of the modern amenities seems so daunting yet fun at the same time. I actually a bit jealous (I'm just not too sure how big that bit is!)