Friday, April 25, 2008

Weather Wonders!!

I will refer to the weather as such because calling it schizo or ridiculous or crazy would, simply, just not be fair! So I have brought myself to a point where I will embrace the weather as it comes and relish in whatever it brings. (yeah right!)

Get a load of our evening yesterday, what we woke up to and how it looks as I am typing this! And then you tell me what you would call our weather up here!

This is Karys telling the snow to "go away" yesterday evening!

This is what we woke up to this morning... "lovely"?!?!

And...this is what it looks like outside at this very moment!

Now...I ask...what would you call it???


Lisa said...

You're not alone. Although we haven't had snow since last Friday, it is so unpredictable and cool for the most part. I really think climate change is catching up with us. Can we still call it global "warming?"

rachel said...

wow, that is some pretty intense snowfall! and crazy that it was gone later in the day.

Niki said...

LOVE the first picture! Gorgeous!

Ya, not sure I'd like the actual snow though! Hope your spring comes soon! (Ours too! It is raining here!)