Friday, April 4, 2008

Out of the mouth of my Babe!

Well, this will indeed be a short one. My mom has arrived and we always seem to be uber-busy while she's here! So now that they are all sleeping I thought I'd take the time to post while I can and mention that I can't see posting as frequently while Mom's here:)

My Mom and the girls - the only picture I have of them all together! Yup...that is MY mom, contrary to what you may think! Many people assume she's Jim's mom:)

Anyhow - back to my title! The other day while I was getting Karys ready for bed, she was sitting on the potty and said "Mommy come sit me!" *translation - "Mommy come and sit next to me."* I usually leave her alone to do her business because she loves to just sit and chat! But this time I sat and chatted! She rambles on about her day and her 'babies' (dolls) and reminding me to leave her door open when she goes to bed (because now thanks to "Franklin" and "Little Bear" my daughter is officially scared of the dark and is sure there are monsters in her room! Booo Treehouse!) Anyhow as we were sitting I just thought I'd take an opportunity while it was there! Now, Karys knows about God and Jesus as much as a 2 year old can, but that night I just thought I'd mention a little more.

Me: "Karys? Did you know that if you ask Jesus into your heart that He will stay with you forever and you get to go to heaven?"

Karys: "Yeah...heaven"

Me: "And if you ask Jesus into your heart He loves you so much that He will listen and then you get to go to Heaven...and that's where Papa and baby Eden are!" (repetition is key with 2 year olds!)

Karys: "Baby Eden...Heaven"

And that was it - she was done and ready to get off the potty and go to bed! So off we went and into bed she got! "Well I guess that didn't really compute with her," I thought, "Oh well, better lucky next time!" And I was leaving her room, Karys said "Jesus my heart!" and I said "Yes Karys Jesus can be in your heart!!" And she replied "Me so cited" *I'm so excited* as she snuggled deeper into her blanket! And out I walked, holding back tears! Why do we do that?? Why when something moves us so much that our hearts well up and tears form in their little ducts, do we blink them back instead of humbly letting them fall and embracing the truth that moved us? I don't know why, but I am going to stop that now! I am going to make a conscious effort to embrace those moments and the tears that accompany them!

So...the next night, when Daddy was putting Karys to bed he thought he'd try and tweak a memory by asking her where Jesus was. She sat there and thought and then said "Umm, under my bed!" wasn't the response he was hoping for, but she's right isn't she?? He's everywhere!


Sarah said...

So sweet and precious and soon that understanding will develop "into her heart." By the way, I'm enjoying reading your blog. Have a great visit with your mom :D

Barley Girl said...

so true, so true,,,
I have had the choke back tears moments too and I do the same thing!!!
have fun with MOM and ejoy every minute with her.
love you!!

kelly said...

what a little smartie pants!!! :)
i guess this visit will allow you to get a more recent picture of your mom and the girls? have a great time with her!
can't wait to see you!!!