Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Holy Hair!!!

A day in the life of us Boschmanns - I've been stock-piling some pictures for a while and never really had the opportunity to fit them in anywhere... so here they are!!

The faucet has been turned on!! If you look closely, you can see the stream of drool! I remember this stage with Karys too, but it seems to be earlier with Avery?!

Karys being loved "Opa style"! He always teases her and she's getting good at teasing back! This is just a typical tickle-session!

And this face is what I see every time Jim makes an appearance in the room! Man does this girly love her Daddy!! Whose heart wouldn't melt from this face!

Our baby is growing up sooo fast...too fast in my opinion! But she also seems to be overshadowed by Baby Sister quite a bit! So in attempts to show her off as well... here she is helping... as usual... setting the table!

And after the work, comes play! Or, in her case, colouring! She also likes to practise drawing cats and "printing" her name!!

And after a long day filled with tickles, helping and creating, what's better than drying off after a bubble bath on Mommy and Daddy's bed, watching cartoons and...

Enjoying the comforts of being two: bottle, baby and blanket! (Yes, she still has a bottle before bed...heck, she's only 2!)

Oh reference to today's title...get a load of this doo! Does she have a head of hair or what?!?

Yup - there's lots!! She's got her ever-increasing head of hair and mine... it will not stop falling out!! Anyone else experience this massive post-partum shedding??

And...when the babes are in bed and all is quiet, what better to do then try on one's new find?! This is a Columbia jacket that seems to be water-proof and insulated and you'd never guess where this menno found it! Sure gonna come in handy this summer at the lake!

In closing, I'll let you get a cyber-sniff of these puppies! Hands-down, the best and most beautiful bouquet received yet! Not for anything in particular either, which makes them even nicer!!

So, that's it from this end... nothing exciting I know... but it's life and we are quite enjoying it right now! Counting our blessings...daily!


kelly said...

love it! awesome pictures of the girls :)
BEAUTIFUL flowers!!!!

Ej said...

I too am shedding everywhere! Great pics of the girls.

Barley Girl said...

my hair fell out in clumps..
I love when it grows back.. all those little hairs poking out everywhere..
love ya and hang in there with the weather.. it will be warm soon.