Thursday, March 27, 2008

Galoshes, Grins and Gallons of Laundry Detergent!

Galoshes: I have been meaning to post about my most recent purchase of rubber foot attire for a while now! You know you live in a hick town when...! Since she's been able to walk Karys has always favored her rubber boots over all other shoes. So when we went to go get Daisy one day out of the garage and found that she had helped herself to the upper portion of Karys' beloved boots, we were all sad! Imagine my delight when husband-dear returned from shopping at Extra Foods one day in Sechelt and surprised me with these...

Well they obviously were not for me, but I was as excited as if they were! I love these boots and was so impressed with deary's purchase!!

So these lovely new galoshes have taken first place in Karys' shoe wardrobe and I can't argue!

Never to be out-done by my daughter, I realized that with our return to hick-ville, and all the melting snow, there would inevitably be MUD! And recently purchased boots for the previous snow season would not stand up to the mucky on slot that awaited!
So out I went with the purchase of my own set of rubber footwear stashed away in the back of my mind! And...lo-and-behold, what do I find in trusty old Wal-Mart but a mommy-sized version of puddle jumpers!! SOLD! If you ever want to feel like a kid again, I recommend strapping on a pair of these puppies and strutting your stuff! These boots have now become my number one choice - but don't worry, it's not like I've lost all city-slicker senses - I don't go shopping in them or anything!!

And in attempts to help Avery not feel left out, I couldn't resist a pair I saw when I visited our local (45 minute drive) version of Extra Foods - just call us the "gals with groovy galoshes!"
They're just so darn cute!
Grins: On to the next point of discussion, my darling number two daughter! She is such a happy little thing (except when she's not!) and I just feel so blessed with her disposition! Even though she is almost four months old it seems as though she is still in the just eating/sleeping mode! I really don't remember Karys being in this stage for this long!! And not only is she still in this newborn mode, but she is also very alert and aware of people around her! Best of both worlds! So...if she's not sleeping then she's totally awake and usually practising one of two things: smiling or cooing! I am not too sure why this intrigues me so? It's not as if Karys was a particularly grumpy baby! But Avery is so go-with-the-flow! I feed her when she wants to be fed and let her sleep whenever she seems to be tired; if it's only a few ounces and a few minutes or a full bottle and a full night's sleep, her demeanour is always the same! So I thought I'd share with you what we get to see whenever we go in to get her from a sleep: here she is Little Miss Smiley Pants!

First little peak into her room!

Changing her bity bum!

Getting ready for some num-nums!

Gallons of Laundry Detergent: Onto my last point of discussion! One that I am sure all mothers are intimately familiar with!! Now don't faint with shock or judge me to be some ??? but I am not a weekly-bedding-washer! I know, I should be and I am striving to get better, but it just never happens! I will go through a period when all things dirty are now clean and "this time I will stay on top of it all!" and then before I know it two weeks have gone by and bedding has been forgotten! So, I guess in attempts to help me remember, a certain someone has been making it necessary that I change her sheets daily! Not that I am complaining, but Avery has started sleeping through the night! And when a baby who only drinks milk - and a lot at that - goes long hours sleeping, it means she also goes long hours peeing and not being changed! So...every morning when I go in to get my bity bundle she, without fail, has peed through her jammies, sheet, and padding underneath! Needless to say, Tide has become a close friend as of late! So in ending my rant, I will never complain about a baby who sleeps 7-11-7-11, but if I could keep the bedding from getting a daily soaking, I'd just be able to get that much more of the other stuff done! Like getting these hung...

Cute wooded letters - cut from a piece of 1x8 - with fancy paper decoupaged over them, hung with twisted pieces of wraffia (sp??)! A bit different than Karys' first attempt:

Too bad I couldn't get a better close-up shot! The paper I used looks to be the same, but is totally different! K's are bright gingham pieces, and A's are muted pastel swirls!

It has to end sometime!! So I'll end this marathon post with a picture of the cutest shoes that are my personal favorite in Karys' collection!

Still trying to find a mommy-sized pair of these babies!


Thomas said...

I am missing my totally happy go with the flow Adam who Avery sounds a lot like. He is working on his fifth tooth in the last few weeks and with being sick last week as well seems to be a cranky momma's boy lately who wakes at night again. I hope he resorts to his old ways again. As for sleeping babies thru the night, have you tried a bigger diaper just for night? That sometimes makes enough of a difference.

Lisa said...

Our girls are so much alike- Sedona too has a shoe fetish, and Aja, being the second, is as you say a go with the flow happy baby! Happy that Avery's sleeping through the night now!

kelly said...

karys' boots are exactly the ones i wanted for Taeya, but they were always size 7 or bigger :( That's why i went searching in other places. the three boots together are SO cute!!!
Avery is soooooo cute! i know you're not surprised by that, but it's always nice to hear, no? :)
i have to agree with Elissa about the diaper size. Taeya did that for a while (when she was older, for some reason), and i plopped her in a bigger diaper at night and voila, no more peeing through!