Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just Do It!

no...not like in the Nike ads. "Just do it" like in my head these past few months as I attempted to resist the prodings to start up my own blog! (Attempt failed...officially)!

So -here I am and here's my blog (I can't believe those words were just typed by my fingers!)
Aptly titled in hopes to document my ramblings and experiences as I journey thru this life God has chosen for me! I am (by way of a six year university career) an English teacher, but this by-no-means says that I am perfect in spelling/grammar, nor do I want to be at this point in my life! As a mother of a 2 yr old and a 3 month old, I will type these entries as my mind sees fit! And if that means short-cuts thru spelling/abbreviations, then so-be-it!

So...a bit about me...I am married to my wonderful husband who keeps me sane and attempts to keep me rational. But lets face it - he's way better suited for that job and what would life be like without an over-emotional element. I am also a mom, as I mentioned before, and that quite frankly even still scares ME! *start tangent* As experienced in the few classrooms I have taught in, claiming to be a teacher sends red lights flashing off in my brain that read "liar...liar" because I really don't feel like what the title "teacher" conjures up in ones mind. I am me and that's the same with being a mom...when I say that, those same red lights flash in my mind!*end tangent* But hey, I went thru the whole labour and delievery thing, so I know that they're mine! I have two beautiful girls and I could not ask for more...seriously, I am DONE, no more babies out of this body...please Lord! No, but honestly, my girls are everything to us! We really wanted two girls and that is what God has blessed us with! It took us a while to get them, but I will save that story for a time when I can figure out how to send you there at your own will - you know...when the letters turn a different colour when your mouse goes over them, and then you click, and are transported to the proposed page?! no clue how to do that yet, but we'll get there! Back to my girls, Karys is 2 and Avery is three months.

They were born just 5 days shy of 2 years apart (does that make sense?) Basically, I am just glad that #2 wasn't born on #1's birthday because then I'd never hear the end of it! It's bad enough that the poor girls were born in December...imagine my utter shock when Jim (hubby) said "it would be kinda neat if they were born on the same" NO! So not only were we married in December, and Christmas is in December, but now our two babies have their birthdays in December. I'm voting for 1/2birthdays - you know, come June we say "Oh, Karys, today you're four and a half, let's have a party!!" That way celebrations and gift-giving is equally divided throughout the year!? Whatever! Spoil them - you only live once!

Anyhow - now you know, I'm a wife and a mom. But I must officially relunquish my title of "Great Dane owner" as of tomorrow:( And as sad as I'll be to see our Daisy go, I know that I just do not have enough time for her! What a dog! She's great, and sure to make her new Vanderhoof owners very happy! (I must stop thinking about it now, because I have been having second and third and fourth etc. thoughts about selling her...we looked for her for over a year...she's what we always wanted...she's great with the girls...she's company for a walk...she'll be stressed out being moved into a new home...that grass IS always greener on the other side hey?!)Humbly, I live...and learn!

So...that's a bit about me! I'll save why I live up in this tiny hick town - away from friends and all things familiar for a later post!

Until then, I'll sign off as: "Still-learning-how-this-blogging-stuff-works-but-glad-to-have-posted-a-picture" Christina B


kelly said...

YEEEEHAW! you started a blog! i am SOOOOOO excited about this! :)

Niki said...

naking (nursing at keyboard) so this will be short. but I look forward to reading and your life with your 2 gorgeous girls!