Monday, March 24, 2008

Picture-posting Newbie! (have patience...I'm learning)

And the end of a busy weekend calls for a post!! Well, try as I might, Karys was still much more interested in the chocolate aspect of Easter than the fact that Jesus rose from the dead. But I did continue to insist that the reason we were getting all these treats was because Jesus wanted us to be happy, celebrating with Him the fact that He came back to life; thus, the Easter Bunny comes to give us treats. Far-fetched, I know, but a mom's gotta try!

So Sunday morning arrived and I think I was more excited about the girls' easter dresses than they were - obviously! But they are just so darn cute! Avery's was a hand-me-down from Karys and I was planning on giving in to the fact that Karys would not have a dress this year, nor did she need one, because a dress isn't necessary to celebrate Easter. However, I wasn't about to stop my Mom when she called from Costco asking what size of dress I thought she should by for Karys!!

Church was enjoyable and a nice way to stop and reflect on the true blessing Easter is for those who believe. And, seeing as how Karys has declined all attempts to join in on sunday school, I am actually able to sit thru a service these days! After church was the obvious nap for all but the Easter Bunny (yours truly). As I scurried around getting the baskets ready and hiding all the treats, I began to feel the joy one gets in giving/doing for others. I think I almost had more fun getting things ready for Karys than she had hunting - a time I also took to reflect on the years my Dad was our Easter Bunny and how much joy he must have taken in that job title!

Baskets, chocolates, stuffies, and bunny ears ALL courtesy of the Dollar Store - where everything is just one dollar! Gotta love it!

Once Karys woke up she got right into the finding of treats and was so surprised that this bunny had hidden "so many"! We enjoyed a few of her treats before heading over to Oma and Opa's for a great family dinner and ended the evening coming home and lounging on the sofa - all four of us!

So today is when one gets to deal with the aftermath of a holiday full of treats - trying to get real food into a 2 year old before the treats become a fixation takes true creativity! As I sit here typing Avery is still sleeping (fed her last night at 11, she woke up at 7am, fed her again and still she sleeps!), and Karys is reading to herself - something she doesn't enjoy doing very often, but something I love! She sounds sooo cute when she tries to remember what the pages say in certain books! Right now she's quite taken with "Green Eggs and Ham" and how that guy "no likes geen ham...eee nend (the end)" Off she runs to replenish her book choices!!

In other news, Jim has work this week, something foreign but very welcomed, so us girls are adjusting to not having Daddy around. I know we are a very fortunate couple to have as much time together as a family as we do, so when work does come up, we are fine to have to say goodbye in the early morning hours, knowing that this time will surely end! As glad as I am to have a hubby who is self-employed, I think I wouldn't mind living the life of one whose hubby has a 9-5! But it might get boring pretty fast! All that certainty!! Nevertheless, my days are pretty much the same - trying to get all done that needs to be done! So far, I'm way behind!! But due to the fact that it snowed another 2 inches last night, I can cross "go for a walk" off my list! You coasters have no clue! The sun is out, but when there's still 3-4 feet of snow left on the lawn to melt, I begin to wonder if we'll ever see grass! But I guess I'd take sun/snow over the rain!

So off I go to: unload, clean up, defrost, mix and sweat! I am going to attempt another batch of play-doh today - anyone have a fool-proof recipe they'd care to share! My last batch turned out like over worked, marblized bread dough! I'll leave you with these pictures - Karys attempting to play with the doh, Avery's newest hobby (despite all of Jim's attempts against it!) and me and my girls! Have a great day and take some time to reflect on our blessings - there are many, we just need to open our eyes wider!

Love the hair-do Care Bear!

Such a cutie!

Me and my girls!
(sorry for the picture placement - this computer hates me!)


kelly said...

major cuteness, those girls are!!!! love the Easter dresses.
glad to hear Jim has work right now - that's great news.
play-doh fool proof recipe: go to the store and buy some :)

Lisa said...

Glad to see you have a BLOG now. Play-dough recipe:
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
2 tsp cream of tartar
2 Tbsp oil
1 cup water
Mix in pot on stove until it forms a ball and the dough is smooth (just a couple of minutes). Voila. Super easy and it always works.

The Weibelwhats said...

Hey Christina! I found your blog through Kelly's - wow it's been a long time! I think the last time I saw you was when we ran into each other at Michael's in Abbotsford way back.
Hard to believe that Squeah happened so long ago eh?
Your girls are beautiful!!! Looking forward to connecting again through your blog. Glad you started one :) Take care.

Brenda W (Klassen)

Barley Girl said...

I have a great recipe...
it is FOOL PROOF!!
1 cup flour
2 tbsp cram of tartar
1/2 cup salt
1 cup boiling water
2 tbsp oil
1 package of usweetened kool aid...
( my kids always get to pick the color they want..)
mix all the dry ingredients. add the boing water and oil... stir till soft and elastic..
it always works and you can keep it in the fridge for a while.
great post.
love ya~