Friday, March 21, 2008

Bunnies and Crosses

So, it's Easter, yet again. And I find myself contemplating the significance of this holiday! Amidst all the bunny ears, chocolate eggs and pastel baskets there lies the true meaning of Easter - Jesus' sacrifice for my sins, His death on the cross!

Although the pictures of easter egg hunts, fancy dinners and pretty dresses are all well and good, it is this true meaning of Easter that tends to get hidden underneath it all. And it's the same thing with Christmas - I need to, amidst all the superficial commercialization of this holiday, teach my girls (and remind myself) of its real significance! Jesus died for me! And as humbling and somber as that is, in two days I get to rejoice in the other truth of this holiday..."on the third day, He rose again!" My God is a living God! My sins are covered with the blood of Jesus and His death has brought me eternal life! How blessed I am! How loved I am! And it's not just me - Jesus' death is a sacrifice for anyone willing to accept it! His love is for all who want it! I hope and pray that as we indulge in the frivolousness of this holiday (because who can say no to chocolate) that its true meaning will sink deep into our hearts and with utter humility we can say "Thank you Jesus - for dying - for raising from the grave - for loving me!"


Barley Girl said...

awesome blog christina!!!
love the message.. it was just what I needed to hear!

eileen said...

go girl!!!! isn't it amazing what children do to your thought you have to think about what you think (and why) so you can pass it on to your children. I love it!!!
God bless you, now and always, far beyond expected or deserved!

Ej said...

Found you through Kelly - I think we went to Alderbrook at the same time too. Welcome to blogger land!