Thursday, December 31, 2009

goodbye 2009...

...hello 2010!

i don't like means things are done, finished, never again...maybe some underlying tension needing to be dealt with regarding my issues with "endings" but we'll save that for another post...or not!

so much has happened in the past year...not to mention the past decade! but, come to think of it, let's take a look back at the past 10 years...

~ started and finished my degree at SFU

~ met the man of my dreams...or so I thought!

~ met a class-A jokster who became the man of my dreams...unbeknownsed to me!!

~ cycled across the country and realized I had met the man of my dreams ;P

~ became a teacher

~ traveled across the world to teach some incredible little kids

~ got engaged, planned and carried out our wedding in a matter of 2 months!!

~ traveled through and taught in Haida Gwaii

~ lived in a barn, trailer, childhood bedroom, 100 Mile house...and our first home!

~ gave birth to our 2 beautiful girls

~ said goodbye to our beautiful #2 baby

~ started running

~ did my first 10 km race with Karleigh...and almost died!!

~ ran my first half marathon...also with Karleigh...also thought I would die! sense the pattern??

~ ran 2 other half marathons!

~ moved back to my home town

~ bought our first home

~ got my first (and second) contract in my local school district in the first 2 years of being here!

~ realized that I have absolutely no control over my life! God has His perfect plan for where/who He wants me to be and it's a lot easier to get there if/when I allow Him to have His way!

I look forward to seeing where this year will take us! I pray that God will continue to direct us along the path He has set before us. I pray His gentle guidance would steer us and His grace and mercy would lead us.

I look forward to this year - it's fresh start, it's promise, the hope of new beginnings and new challenges - knowing that through it all "I can do all things through Christ who give me strength" Phil. 4:13

I pray that you, too, can look forward to this new year and the promise it holds...may you know the hope He can provide! Blessings to you and yours in 2010...

and yes...i DO have resolutions! still revising them! stay tuned for tomorrows post!


kelly ens said...

pretty significant decade!!! :)

Anonymous said...

i dont like to thnk that the pattern you are talking about is that when you do things with me.. you want to die?
love ya.. hope we can run together again..
happpy 2010

Christina B said...

Karleigh...definitely NOT wanting to die! Rather the pattern I sensed was that you get me to do things I would never do otherwise! It's a GOOD thing...when I can look BACK!! Love you too...

Melissa said...

My name is Melissa (I'm a friend of Kelly E's). I've been checking your blog for the last little while and thought I'd delurk myself. I just wanted to say I love the way that you've asked God to continue to direct you and your family's path this upcoming year; it's something I greatly desire for my family too and it's inspirational to hear and see how God has indeed led you through this past decade. Thanks for sharing!