Friday, January 1, 2010

I choose to...

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I sought to find a word. A word that I could carry into this new year. A word that would help me set this fresh start on the right path. I ask God to give me a word that He would like me to dwell embrace.
"Savour this Christina."

"But we have no idea what's going on right now, Lord."

"These moments...this time in your life...will never be again. Savour this Christina."

"But Jim has been out of work since October...and I don't want to go back to subbing...*sniff*"

"I have a plan for your are able to spend hours, days, weeks together as a family at the moment. Savour this Christina"

Catch the drift?? I took me a while, but I eventually realized, "Oh, I think I am supposed to savour life this year! Oooo, maybe that's my word!"

So, savour I will! 2010 will bring many moments to be savoured, and certainly many moments where I am going to need a gentle smack up-side-the-head reminder to savour those moments as well.

2010 brings along with it many goals, dreams and desires on my part. "Resolutions" is not a term I look to, or use, fondly. So rather than say that I have so-and-so amount of these things and then hate myself in a month...let's be realistic here, in a week for not following through with them, I'll simply let you know that, yes, I have many goals for this promising year ahead. And I look forward to sharing those goals with you as they are achieved!

One day in and things are already looking up...I hauled my onto the pavement this morning for a very wet and very hilly New Year's day run! Yippeee...

Off I savour my sleep...

ps. and if any of you two know how I can get that "line through the word" font on some of my words, pls share your knowledge...thx:)