Wednesday, January 6, 2010

{in a nutshell}

so, i'm not too sure if any of you have noticed that this space is lacking in the documenting-of-the-holidays department?! IS!

and as much as i would love to tell you that this is because i have been slaving away over these past weeks on the perfect "holiday post" - i'd be lying!

nope, no witty red-nosed jingle here. not even a frosty tinsel-themed tune!

just a quick re-cap of our a nutshell.

we enjoyed our time and our company.

we savoured our family moments, thus prompting us to choose that word for our theme for 2010.

we started things off after the open-house with our first turkey dinner in our new home! with the support of my mum-in-law we had a great Christmas Eve feast!

{pictures in our Christmas best...or attempts, at least}

my compliant first-born *HA*

and then...there's Avery
{cheese face}

{this chick's got spunk}
click on the picture if you want to see true-two-'tude

seriously?!...take 345!

{the best of the worst...i suppose}

and then there's the two of them!

{2 peas in a pod}

{our beauties}

patiently waiting for Oma and Opa's presents on Christmas Eve

this year we were blessed to have jim's family staying with us while my family lives down the road! we stuck to jim's family tradition of presents on Christmas Eve for the first of the girls' 4 Christmases...that's about 3 too many!

Christmas morning
{aprons in their stockings}

{pretty in pink}

Christmas at Gram's!
#3, but who's counting?!

{Christmas princesses}
...yes that IS the complete set of Disney princesses! Anyone wanna come over and help me look for all their stinkin' shoes??

{a very blessed Christmas}

...hope you made it this far! as is plain to see, we enjoyed an incredible amount of family time!

we are 6 days into this new year...a year filled with promise and hope! i completed my first long run of the new year (16k) and it felt great! now to master the snack-monster (read: me after the girls are in bed!)

we are eagerly embarking on this new year...curious to know what it holds for us - faithful that His plan is perfect.


kelly ens said...

love the pictures. the last one of the girls in front of the tree in their dresses is fantastic!
may you be blessed and surprised with wonderful blessings this year!

Waylon, Lisa and Jotham said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas, the pictures are great. From your last post your question about the strike through font - if you switch to bloggers new post editor (i think its one of the last settings in posting options) it has that font. hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

yes, His plan is perfect. Amen.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous new set up.. buy the way.. love it!!

rachel cornelsen said...

sounds like you guys had a wonderful christmas! asher had 3 christmas's too! loved all the photo's! happy new year's!