Monday, October 12, 2009


well, the weekend is over! we had a chance to do lots of things as a family, i've gotten out for my long run, jim got loads of work done on the house and my freezer is now the proud owner of 16. dozen. freshly. baked. buns!! white AND brown! i love my bosch machine!

so, we're thankful. for this extended weekend, for family time, for food and for time to get together with family!

{who's there?}

{excited to surprise family with her new look}

{my beautiful Granny...what a matriarch}

{our feast...always enough to feed more}

{my contribution to the feast - caramel pumpkin cheesecake...MMM}

{my dessert-loving #2}

{mmm...this looks yummy}

{let's partake}

{time to sit back and...relax}

{a couple of my uncles...many more where these guys come from!}

i love avery's face in the above photo - her mouth just looks open, but she is belting out her rendition of "happy birthday" which sounds like "happytoyou"

{so pretty}


{mummy's idea of a good time...turned bad when someONE decided she had to touch it}
and yes, that's exactly why this photo is so out of focus, i was just cluing in to what was taking place! bad mummy...

{insert beautiful family photo here}

yup, it was one of those nights, i so badly wanted to get a family picture and when i thought of it, the timing was bad. when the timing was good, i didn't think of it! argh...oh well, you know what we look like!

so, thus ends my attempt at sharing with you a bit of what my weekend held. but i may also be slightly avoiding my upcoming reality. and blogging about the past may just well be my ticket to denying the future. not that the future is bad, but i can't say, with 100% certainty, that it's good. so, i'd! as for my impending future...i kick off the five week stint of teaching parents tomorrow night at 5pm! wish me luck. if you feel so inclined, send up a little prayer for me too...thanks in advance!

and, in the fashion of my embracing (no matter how reluctant) the unknown, i urge to to try something this week that you have been wanting to do, but putting off. try something that scares you. do that one thang that you know you should have done last week.

...and enjoy it!


kelly ens said...

looks like a great weekend! Love Karys' haircut :)
I just bought a little 1-year-old that cute dress Avery's wearing from joe. SO cute!
definitely will pray for you today as you start teaching - you can do it! you're awesome :)

Suzy said...

Hey Christina! We need to catch up...

Are you training for something right now?

I love all the pics of your family, new house, all that fun stuff. Life seems really full right now!

Mrs. Rempel said...

OK, would like to have that pumpkin carmel cheescake recipe PLEEZE!