Sunday, October 18, 2009

rubber're the one!

*sigh*'s done! half marathon #3...i cannot believe it!

to be honest, we thought we were in for a "treat" - using that terms as loosely as one can when referring to running 21.1kms! the course was: simply run 2 laps around burnaby hard could that be compared to the routes we covered when training?! hill-filled routes for training + the knowledge of a flat trail-run = two girls eagerly anticipating their half marathon!

needless to say, when KM FOUR rolled around and i had felt like i had just run EIGHT...i was not impressed!! as we completed the first lap i may have considered (maybe rather seriously) calling it quits and watching everyone else stomp it out...MAY have! but my daddy didn't raise no quitter and i honestly couldn't let that chick behind me pass!

anyhow - all of this is to say that we did it!! despite all mental tapes telling us otherwise, despite our legs wanting to pack it in and despite that running on a trail proved to be much more challenging than anticipated...we did it! and we also may have been just as excited about our accomplishment as we were about shopping at costco without children...maybe?!

so, thanks again lisa for stompin' the bark mulch with me!

and... who could forget to congratulate their lil' sis' on her completion of her first half marathon? not i!

way to go melis!!

and...if anyone has any clue why this 21.1 proved to be so challenging for us (running on trail, after training on road)...feel free to enlighten me!


kelly ens said...

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so incredibly awesome :) you rock, girl!

as for why it was harder, i really have no idea. i mean, if it was SOFT like sand, i would say that you have to work so much harder to get your feet out of the softness, but trails are usually the perfect surface for cushioning. maybe just unfamiliarity? not sure - but YOU DID IT!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

cause you were running 21.1kms. that is why...

great job... now I have to run another one to catch up to yoU!!
love you!