Tuesday, October 6, 2009

life...these days

okay...so i won't bother trying to come up with anything witty. should something pop into my head while i'm typing, i'll certainly include it, but considering the current chaos i like to call 'life' - simply getting in a post is an accomplishment in itself!

what chaos you ask...well, i just began a new job this past september, while we were packing up our belongings and moving into our new house. with that new job came several meetings where i was getting an idea of the new 'crew' i'd be working with as well as this week and a half long stint of 'full-time' work which has me working with a team of people. we are sweeping the coast from one end to the other and testing each and every kindergarten student, getting an idea of the level of learning with which they are entering school. ...sounds fun right?! well, it's half way done and my girls (and jim) couldn't be more excited! i don't have any idea how i survived working 5 days/week last year!! by God's grace...for sure! and also, by His grace, i am blessed to have gotten a job this year that allows me (most of the year) to spend my days with the girls, and be working at night!

...and that's the abridged version!! but we're surviving...and thriving! we're here in our home that we have been waiting to be in for over 3 months! we're here and settling in, enjoying being 'just us 4', exploring our neighborhood, trying to put our own stamp on this place! oh right...and working full-time...for the moment;)

so...not too sure how else to segway into a smattering of photos other than to say...get a load of our new place!!

a view from the driveway

front entrance

our 'doormen'

front entrance

living room

dining room...sort of

the kitchen nook


the kitchen...with my lovely m.i.l. cleaning

the stairs...obviously

girls' room

our room

the 'deck-porch'...as karys likes to call it

our jungle...errr, i mean yard

more yard

my new best friend

fine dining on our first evening of cleaning

the view from my kitchen window

our first sunset...there have been many more beautiful ones since!

setting things up...the girls are a TAD excited

settling in...

our end of the cul-de-sac...can't see the house because of the humongous trailer

and the work begins...

no more fiberglass cover over the entrance...

...or forest in front of our bedroom window

a bit less of a jungle

basement...no more

getting rid of everything...but the bare essentials

getting in on some of the action...

and after a long day's work, Avery is our source of entertainment...
"say cheese while riding Duke"!

this is her smiling for the camera

and finally...another beautiful sunset

so...that's it. that's life these days. if you've stuck with me through all these pictures...thanks:) i can NOT believe that thanksgiving is this weekend, i have had no chance to even think about preparing for it mentally or physically - but all will come together and we have much for which to be thankful!


rachel cornelsen said...

your place looks great! glad that you're settling! where did you move to?? love the sunsets!

kelly ens said...

wow - i love it. cannot WAIT to come visit you there in YOUR home :)