Thursday, October 29, 2009

{thankful thursday}

journeys aren't a bad thing to go thru
it's just nice to know
when you're on a journey
sooner rather than later
you know?
like i wouldn't have been so reluctant
or questioning
if i knew that this time was a lesson

like i said
i'm a slow learner

but i guess the point to be thankful for
is that at least i am learning
striving daily to live my best life
be the best wife for my husband
the best mum to my girls
the best me to myself
trying daily to figure out
what God's plan is
for me in this time of my life

it's not a hard time
it's not a time that i am struggling through
it's a time that takes conscious effort
a time that puts me in specific situations
to see how i am going to handle them
to see if i will come out
on the other side of the situation
learning from it
or...needing to re-learn it

i'm a slow learner
so i guess i will dub this
a re-learning time

and again...
be thankful
that at least
i'm learning


kelly ens said...

well said - thankfulness amidst the learning :)