Monday, December 20, 2010

::Sissy is Five!!::

okay, to be honest, this on snuck up on me! i mean, i KNOW, i have been teaching this girl Kindergarten for the past 4 months...but FIVE?!?! Already?!?!

i'm still in a bit of disbelief, but we DID enjoy Karys' day...fully!

it all started the week before the girls' birthdays when we headed into town for, what the girls thought, a trip to Costco!

and although we DID fit in a much-needed visit to the big-box-suck-your-bank-account-dry-store...our main intent for the trip across the water was....

Stanley Park's Bright Nights...with our favourite girls!! Unfortunately, we failed to snag a picture of all five girls...but fun was had by all! An event most certainly needed to be repeated next year!!

it was crisp and cool, a perfect addition to a wonderful Christmas event...and a great way for us to celebrate their birthdays...doing something simply... enjoyable!!

so, once their actual birthdays rolled around, it was nice to be able to just focus on the day and what we were going to together to make the entire day enjoyable and dedicated to the girl at hand:) (in case you're not aware, our girls birthdays are 5 days apart, and then our anniversary falls 9 days after that, so this is an expensive, blessed month, to say the least:))

Karys birthday comes second, but certainly not the least!! she has come to the age where she can remember the traditions we do for birthdays, and get excited with anticipation about what's to come!! she is, with her birthday pancake...and early presents from Gram

and later that day, we had set up a surprise for her!!!

4cats just opened a new studio here in the local mall, and i could not be more excited!! I thought it was a perfect way to allow Karys some alone, big-girl time on her special day! so i signed her up for a 2.5 hr course and we told her right before!! she was so excited!! and had a great time!!

Later that day, we had some family over for cake and presents...and Karys liked nothing more that to have undivided attention!!

the shirts suits her perfectly...and she LOVES her new game!!

all in all, it was a great day celebrating my first baby...turning five!!

here's my baby, 5 days after her little sister was born!!
so cute!!

mummy loves you Sissy, i love seeing you become such a little lady, a better sister each day...and such a big helper to me!!


kelly ens said...

awww - so awesome. what a special way to celebrate such a fantastic girl!
(PS. Taeya keeps asking when we get to visit again. so hopefully soon :)