Wednesday, December 1, 2010


and by IT, i mean DECEMBER!!!!!!

can you sense my enthusiasm??

perhaps you don't share the same extent of excitement as me?!

that all may possibly be due to the fact

that your children weren't all born

in December?!

or maybe you don't absolutely LOVE Christmas

the way we do here?! didn't choose to also

get married in December?!


Needless to say...

We (heart) December...big!!

And, there's nothing more refreshing than

tearing off last month,

(with all of it's obligations,

written in pen,

and crossed out when done)

and looking forward to

this new month

and all the blessings it holds.

all the memories we will make

with birthdays, anniversaries,

the trimming of trees,

the crafting of all things

yummy and cute,

and remembering the birth of our Saviour.

Happy December!


kelly ens said...

wow, yeah that's a lot in December. super fantastic!! december is a great month! :)

rachel joy said...

I totally get it. Sounds a lot like our house ... My birthday is Nov. 24, Paul's Dec. 16, Christmas Eve, Jaxon's birthday Dec. 25th, Jesus' birthday Dec. 25th, and our anniversary Dec. 28th!