Sunday, December 12, 2010

::dance, dance, dance::

yes, the birthday posts are coming...i have the pictures uploaded and just need to do the posts:)

but lookie what we've got heeeere!!!

last week we had the privileged of sitting in on our girls' dance classes (3) to see what they've been learning this term!!

avery, i believe, is the youngest in her class, and has had quite a difficult time letting me go...but she has stayed a few times and certainly enjoys the class when she does decide to let go of her inhibitions.

all the little "ballerinas" in her class are SO.CUTE!! and...SO.TINY!! so, it's extra special to see them....

Karys is in her second year of ballet, and is a natural!! She LOVES her class, and LOVES her teacher! (which i was happy for, because it's a new teacher this year)

she is also in her first year of a combined class of tap and modern dance...this one was SUPER fun for us to watch as we had NO idea what she did in this class...or how she was doing!

she likes this class too...but maintains that ballet is her FAVOURITE!!

we love our girls...and love getting to be a part of what they love!!


kelly ens said...

SOOOO very cute :)