Monday, December 20, 2010

::beanie is three::

so, the birthday girl's morning started as all birthday mornings do in our home...with a birthday pancake, or two:)

in this collage we have the birthday girl patiently waiting for her #3 pancake to cook, posing for Muma in her birthday "outfit" - chosen and put on my the big girl, herself! And, an excited face ready to eat a yummy pancake!

(remember to click on the picture to get a bigger image)

the rest of the day was dedicated to Beanie...she chose what we did, she chose what we ate (to a certainly extent!) and she chose her guests for her special birthday dinner! Funny to think her favourite people are all 10x her age...or more!! So, we had the requested "noodles" for dinner...was that at ALL a surprise?! nope...

and here she is tearing into her presents and munching out on some birthday cake!!

all in all, it was a great day celebrating our baby...

what a different a couple years makes!!!

baby girl, mummy loves you and looks forward to celebrating many, MANY more days dedicated to YOU!!


kelly ens said...

super cute, that 3-year-old :)