Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Their DONE...finally!!

So - first off...Merry Christmas Eve!!
I'm finally done those stinkin' PJs!!! Thank Goodness!
And here they are...

And here are the girls celebrating Christmas....Menno-style!! (meaning we opened their presents from Oma and Opa on Christmas Eve:))

So...that's it from here, for now!! We are SO looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus with our family - all of us!! My brother just surprised my Mum tonight with a very unexpected visit! We're looking forward to spending time with him as he's back to northern Alberta Oil Rigs in a few days!!
May your Day be merry and bright!! And may you take a moment to reflect on the true grace and mercy of this Holiday! Happy Birthday Jesus!!


Barley Girl said...

merry christmas guys!!!
Have a great time with friends and family!!
LOVe you !!

kelly said...

love the pj's!!!
we sure are hoping to see you guys soon.

Niki said...

The PJ's are awesome! Super job, momma! I think having them ready for Christmas was just perfect!

Hope you are enjoying your last few lazy days before life kicks in again!