Friday, December 5, 2008

Definitely No -33 This Year!!

...but last year...a whole 'nother story! Around this time last year, we were sitting in our living room up in good old 108 Mile and wondering - hoping, praying - whether our little one would decide to arrive anytime soon!

It was a freakish freezing winter that had at least 2.5 feet of snow settled on the ground and the highways, an ice rink, and it was -33 degrees! Needless to say - no time was a good time to have this baby, in Jim's eyes! We had a 60 minute drive to the hospital, which is stressful in any stage of labour!!

Knowing, from previous experience, that no stage of labour is long for me, Jim was even more on the this time last year!

But - that's all history - and tomorrow (after all the hubub of a joint party) we'll have come full circle on a year with our beanie baby! WOW! Stay tuned and have a great weekend!


Sarah said...

WAY TO GO JIM! (Can he give Gerdi some pointers?!?). The third ring just finishes it off beautifully (and it's a beautiful design by the way).

Hope all the birthday festivities were a blast!