Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So....Whatchya think??

Jackson 5???

Or...somewhat stylish???
I can't figure it out!!

Kind of brings me back to my early Elementary years when I had my infamous Afro!!

And I wasn't planning on going "short" by any means, but when I went back for the foils (subtle colour, but they are there) I asked for her to simply shorten the layers she had done perviously!
Well...she shortened it alright!!

So...what do you think??


Dawn said...

I loved your hair long but this is FREASH AND GORGEOUS TOO! Way to go!! You have the most beautiful curls... nicely done, hot momma!

kelly said...

I agree with Dawn - I loved it long, but you also wear it SOOOOO well at this length! I love it!!!!

annette said...

i like it, it looks good, and don't worry, it'll be long again before you know it!

Barley Girl said...

love it! it remids me a little of when you came bacck from germany!!!
Love the new look... you are one hot mama!!
missing you !
hope to see you over the christmas holidays.

Niki said...

Love it! You are one gorgeous momma!