Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cupcakes and Party Dresses and Presents...Oh My!

Well, it's done! I have successfully survived a joint birthday party for our girls! wasn't even that difficult!
Talk about leaving things to the last minute! I still haven't even begun sewing their jammies! However, the day went on and things got done and no one noticed what wasn't there! Family...check! Friends...check! Food...check! Party dresses...check! Presents....double-check! The "gimmmies"...uh...triple check!
:( But, what birthday goes by without them around here?!
So...back to the reason for our baby! Who is no longer a all!! She's a walking, talking, laughing machine! But a year ago...she was: what we had been waiting 2 years for! And what we had been so happy to welcome...and hold...and love in real-life!
So ity beautiful!!
And now...not much different, other than adding a few pounds!! She's still so perfect and soo happy! What a joyous addition to our little family! We sit in disbelief that an entire year has come and gone!
Thank you Jesus for such healthy, happy girls!

Let's start with the very beginning...a very good place to start!

Yup...that IS how she came out of her room this morning - "ready" for the day!!

And this is our little beanie - smiling as usual - right after we got her up!!

So - sticking to tradition - I got started on their birthday pancakes...

Karys waiting...
Ready to Eat...

And...all done!! Note the disrobing that needed to take place in order to consume the pancakes! So funny to see herself push away from the table and stretch like this once she's had a filling meal! Misson accomplished!!

And then it was Avery's turn!'re ONE!

Dig in!!

Then there was the inevitable manicure for the eldest birthday girl!!

And onto waiting for the cupcakes to be done!

Yup - 24 cakes - delicious, made-from-scratch goodness!!

Final product!! sit and wait!!

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

First taste of Birthday cake!!

2nd Round of "Happy Birthday!!

Birthday Girl in her party dress!!

Girls with my Granny, sporting the coats she got them!!

Karys...with 2 of her favourite presents: Ballerina slippers and the "Upsy-Daisy" doll!

So...we had a great night!! Here's hoping you did too!!


Barley Girl said...

Oh happy birthdy to both of your beautiful little girls!!!!
Sorry we could not be ther eto celebrate them too!!
Glad to hear everything went well!!!
love you!!

Niki said...

Looks like you had a great time! Love the cool birthday pancakes! Might have to start that tradition at our house! What happens when you get to 16 though?!?

Niki said...

Forgot to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY girls!

kelly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARYS AND AVERY!!!!! we are so sad we couldn't make it to join the celebration! Glad to read the day was a smashing success. can't believe your girls are so grown up already...3 and 1 - wow! beautiful.

Sarah said...

Looks like fun, fun, fun! Great traditions too.