Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Love List - Seriously!

I's been a while hey??

Well, I can't really claim that it's going to be anything close to the typical Love Lists, but at least it's something...I figure!!

So here it no particular order...or numbering!

This week I love: my tacked-together-wedding band! Eggnog lattes! Enjoying the idea of snow, but glad to not be stuck in last year!'s great - makes things say the least! In conjunction with the last point - my staff!! LOVE who I get to work with!! Fridays...not that we do anything too extraordinary, but they're nice!! Christmas Concert at my work! It went so well! I wish I had a "real" class to be proud of! Karys' creativity! She is TOO funny! I asked her to dress up warmly tonight for heading outside and she came out...PRICELESS! I need to post that video! Avery...and the fact that, even with Croup, she is so happy! Looking at nice little houses and imagining our little family making it a home! Can't wait! Looking forward to having a weekend to do things that I want to do! I hope to make the girls PJ's - still!! And...get some Christmas baking done!! Butter Tar squares...sugar cookies...ginger gems...homemade Turtles...Thumbprint Cookies...we'll see how much we get done:)

So...that's it for here! Hope you all have a great weekend and have something in it that makes you happy!