Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Friday Love List - a few days late:)

Well, as is pretty obvious, our weekend visit to the coast had us so busy that there was no time to blog...not even for my love list! So, although it's late, there are still things that make the cut! Here they are!!>>>

.:1:. visiting the Sunshine Coast and having 100% sun, 100% of the time!!
.:2:. celebrating the life of an incredible woman, with her incredible family, while my incredible hubby watched our incredible children!
.:3:. safe travels to and from the coast for all of us - long and windy roads with 1287497 people trying to get somewhere NOW doesn't make for the safest driving conditions, but God kept us safe!
.:4:. being able to get in a good visit with my favorite brother and girls' favorite uncle!! Sorry it's such a bad shot - that IS me and my bro (playing with Avery in her bitty pool), who I just never seem to be able to capture on camera!!

.:5:. enjoying dinner sitting on a deck over the ocean with Jim, knowing our girls were having fun with Gram!
.:6:. Avery cutting her first 2 teeth!! And Karys being so excited when I told her, saying "Now Avery can have supper!!" Thank the Lord for another silent teether!!
.:7:. having the whole family at the supper table! Avery's in her Bumbo!

.:8:. seeing the excitment in Karys, and the final results, when she gets to choose her entire outfit for the day! What you can't see it that her hair-clips are red and so are her - ahem - panties! Yes, everything must match, and to this 2 1/2 yr old, "matching" means everything is the same colour!! And this pose is a display of her being a "ba-wa-weema!"

.:9:. a happy eater! If you need a pick-me-up...this girl will laugh at anything!
sorry it's blurry

.:10:. and...my top thing for this past week's love list...

Yup - she's 7 months and crawling! Quick...baby-proof the house!!!!


Anonymous said...

we've got the matching disease at our house too! only kallista choice of color is pink, down to the pony and panties too! and many days she tries to convince me that malia needs to be the same as her as well. i'll take it while i can get it, i guess, it won't be long before their choice of clothing changes and we were wishing it was as simple as color matching :)

Anonymous said...

so cute, so aweseom.. Love the girls outfits... the brown looks so nice on avery.. so much nicer than on our whities...glad you are home safe and sound. karleigh