Friday, July 4, 2008

.:Friday Love List:.

Here's this weeks list - with supporting pictures/video clips where applicable!

.:1:. Canada Day - I LOVE Canada Day and all the festivities that go along with it! This year was a little different living in such a small town, but we had fun nonetheless!

.:2:. Watching our girls spend time with Daddy!

.:3:. Being a part of Karys' "firsts" - she loves animals of all kinds!

.:4:. Sleeping Babies

.:5:. The safe arrival of babies - congratulations Voth's!!

.:6:. A good laugh - must check out this site!! And there's endless clips on YouTube!

.:7:. The ABC's sung by my two year old! We think she's pretty smart!

.:8:. Gorgeous sunny days by the lake!

.:9:. Getting back from a good run - note the wording! I still have yet to enjoy the getting ready, leaving, and actual running, but the getting back part sure feels nice!!

.:10:. Karys' version of Itsy Bitsy Spider - or as she likes to say "Ipsy Bipsy Pider!" This video is a short demonstration of the humor this little girl adds to our lives!!

.:11:. And for an extra one this week...watching Avery learn to do new things! She's getting so big! And I have a feeling she's gonna keep me on my toes!!!


kelly said...

love this week's list. totally laughed out loud when karys decided to...strip and show off the wet undies. hahahaha!