Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hand-Made Treasures

It is true, stuff made by hand just seems to be that much more special! And today I was fortunate enough to receive some very special hand-made items!

After happening upon a neat little website, featuring hand-made products, I found a really nifty shop - shmellowyellow - that makes silkscreen t-shirts, among other things! Wanting to pay tribute to my commitment to run the half marathon in October, I requested a unique tee from shmellowyellow and was pleasantly surprised with what I received!

Not only did I get my running shirt, but I couldn't help myself from getting another shirt in shmellowyellow's collection!

This is the running shirt - affectionately displaying what Karys says to me every time I leave for my runs...
This is the back of the shirt - displaying a bit of encouragement, should any poor soul find herself behind me!

And this is the tree shirt from her collection....

I love the tree! Love the shirts....thanks M!

So...that was my surprise for the day! Very nice to receive some hand-made treasures! Go ahead and check out her site - and check back there soon, as I am sure she'll be adding items that you may enjoy!!


kelly said...

as soon as i saw the shirts, I knew it was M!!!! I have been following her blog for a few years now; can't remember if she reads mine or not, but she sure makes awesome shirts, hey? :)

Niki said...

Awesome shirts, both of them. How fun!

And Etsy is addicting, so watch out!!! Lots of money can be spent there!

By the way, you running a half-marathon is inspiring! You go girl!