Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Love List it me or did this week seem to fly by?! Feels like I just did one of these (hee hee)!! Here's this week's list....

.:1:. ...absolutely LOVE this web-page!! Here's an example of time well-wasted!

.:2:. Cute kids who love playing with my cute kid!

.:3:. Little gifts! While at the lake, Jim's mom surprised Karys with a really cute pair of Levi's and me with a set of 3 brightly coloured, extremely comfy tank tops! Oh how I love getting things:)
.:4:. Playing with the girls in the Lake - minus the part where I heartlessly threw a leech onto the shore it the hopes of it's ultimate demise!
.:5:. Morning runs at the Lake! Such fresh air when there's endless acres of forest!! Although, 14 kms anywhere still sounds a tad daunting (KJ!!)
.:6:. My smarty-pants...

.:7:. A good night's sleep - having just spent time at the lake where our room is Karys' room is Avery's room, my bed in my room with wall separating my from them is a very welcoming and anticipated thought!!

.:8:. The ease at which I can please my family when my heart (forgive me) isn't into making dinner! Seriously - and, no, it wasn't KD! That stuff only held a space on our shelves when I was pregnant:o)

.:9:. Unexpected blessings that are definite proof that God cares - always, but particularly in our time of need!

.:10:. overly vocal #2! I thought Karys was loud:)

~ Hope your weekend goes swimmingly...


Barley Girl said...

love the love list..