Friday, June 6, 2008

A Very Happy 1/2 Birthday..... you, Avery!!

Yup, it's true!! Our baby is 6 months old today! And although my next post was supposed to be revealing our "cabin" at the lake, I thought that this topic took precedence!! And as far as "accomplishments" go, she's nowhere near to doing what Karys could do at this age, but I don't mind one bit! She's happy and thriving and not showing any evidence of being the "preemie" she was classified as!
So here is a picture tribute to our baby girl!! We are so glad she's here, healthy, happy and ours!!

In the beginning....

Sometime between then and now....


Our little black-eyed beauty!
~Thank you Jesus for this precious life you've blessed us with in Avery! May we raise her
in a way that pleases You, may she grow up to know you, being confident in herself
and her abilities!~

I'll leave you with this video of Avery, earlier this morning, enjoying her newest jumpy toy!


kelly said...

SOOOOO cute! Happy 1/2 birthday from us to Avery!
Taeya celebrated by jumping right along with the video :)

Barley Girl said...

so very cute.. happy 1/2 birthday!!!