Thursday, June 19, 2008

As I Mentioned Earlier....

....I love surprises!!! Receiving them and giving them!! And that is just what we did, as a family, on Monday morning!!! Bright and early, at the wee hour of 4am (!!!!), we peeled our weary eyes open, got the girls up and in their seats, packed our things and headed out on our Sechelt! Affectionately referred to in our family as "the promise land!"

So...8 hours later we drove into my Mom's driveway and gave her the surprise of her life - okay, maybe it wasn't that spectacular, but seeing as how Karys had done such a convincing job the night before telling Gram that we were just about to head out to the lake for the rest of the week, she was pretty surprised to see us land on her back deck before she even had time to get ready for the day!!

Thus, our week has been cram-packed with doing things we've been unable to do living where we live! Visiting friends, going for walks along the beach, enjoying the amazing pool, making eye appointments to get new glasses (because even though I haven't lived here officially since I was 17, I still have the optometrist and dentist here), and more visiting!

So, I apologize for the lack of pictures in this blog, but I end with the vow to make up for this deficit in an upcoming post!! And, with the thought that one can never be too sure of the path that God will lead you when all you've asked is to do His will! It could change in an instant and, because He takes you seriously when you voice a desire to live His will, He will hold you to it!

~ Davis Bay ~


kelly said...

yay! sounds like a great surprise for your mom, and a great time for you. We are all still very sad that we aren't able to make it over for a visit :( (sniff, sniff). a visit would be so good. But we still plan on coming this summer, especially now that we're well on our way to getting that van!