Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Love List

I know I missed it last week!! And I know that I have been shirking my "posting", again, without any pictures, I give you my list for this week!
(In no particular order)

.:1:. sunny days
.:2:. friends...mine and my girls'
.:3:. sushi with Jim - after 7 sushi-free months....yum, that was good!
.:4:. getting my hair cut and dyed
.:5:. still being on the Sunshine Coast - but this one's bitter-sweet because Jim isn't here with me anymore:(
.:6:. all the new songs on my mp3 player - makes me want to get out there
.:7:. crazy, unexpected, new opportunities - makes life exciting
.:8:. seeking God's will
.:9:. good books - open for suggestions because I just finished mine last night!
.:10:. the Ocean...nothing else like being this close to such a glorious wonder - yes, I have missed it!'s hoping that you have a great "long" weekend, lots of sun, and happy times!


kelly said...

good list to start the long weekend with :) i SO wish i could come over there to visit you, especially since Jim's gone back. but alas, i finally have work to do for once :) looking forward to chatting soon...

Dawn said...

great list idea!!

As for books, I just finished "The Secret Life of Bees" and really like it...


Anonymous said...

We were up at the lake over the long weekend and stopped by your in laws place. We had a great visit with everyone(Kim fell in love with the little dog)and hopefully when we're up in august we'll have a chance to catch up with you too. Enjoy your visit on the coast.