Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday Love List - a day late!'s a list of 10 things from this past week that I love, am thankful for, need to hug, or want to no particular order! (something new I'm hoping to continue!)

.:1:. unexpected sunny days

.:2:. long chats with friends

.:3:. Fathers - in particular...mine! Wishing I could give him a big hug tomorrow and say "Thanks for being such a great Dad!" ...sad that I can't...

.:4:. having docked 53.5k since June 1st!

.:5:. fresh baking

.:6:. having new friends on Facebook (I find joy in small things people)

.:7:. getting to go bottle our wine

.:8:. celebrating Karys turning 2 1/2....already!

.:9:. having such a nice neighborhood to run through

.:10:. surprises - they will always be my favorite - to give AND receive!!!

So...that's my list for this week! Hope yours went swimmingly, and hope you have some Dads to be thankFULL for tomorrow!! Here's who I'm thanking God for this weekend - a loving, devoted, and fun Daddy...
...with Karys

...with Avery

...with both His girls!