Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tea Pots, Toes and Two-by-Fours

Well, I figured I had better post some pictures in this post as the last was rather lacking! This one will surely host a plethora of updates with no real theme or purpose other than it's our life and what we've been up to!!

Here's my awesome find from the craft fair!! So excited to show these to Karys - we'll be able to have a really fancy tea-party with this real tea-set! For $1!!!!Just a really cute picture of Karys being her usual silly-self in one of her favorite places!
And her she is again having fun being at Daddy's work (read: the far side of our house:) We're so lucky to have Daddy close by most of the time!
And now...on to the lake we go! We've been there every day this week and twice last week so there's been lots of 'firsts' to try and capture! Here are the guys setting up and testing out the mill....

Opa with his first 2x4!! Free lumber=a Menno's dream come true!

Here are the guys with their newest toy, Karys calls it the "excabater"! This is what Jim will be operating at the property! Walking it down the driveway...

It takes major concentration...can you tell:)

The first official bucket-full! My man operates heavy-duty machinery! And...I honestly never thought it would really be that hard...until I got in and tried digging a hole (note the lack of picture to document that occasion!!)

A picture to try and capture the vastness of this tree! Note K at the bottom of the picture, she looks so tiny!

And here she is again "helping" build out first semi-permanent structure!

Daddy taking the time to show Karys how you "really" pound a nail!

Our little cutie after she woke up from her nap - camping style!!

Karys having some fun getting wet and dirty in the water! Nothing like a 2 year-old and miles of lake-front!

Avery assessing the whole situation...or just looking beautiful!?

And the last point from my title...toes! Karys' looking pretty spiffy here because she couldn't decide on which colour she wanted! So...we did both and she couldn't wait to show them off!! Maybe you can't tell with all the frigid water covering them, but they are purple and pink...alternating!

For all you "Dora" watchers out there...we have our own Treasure Island!! Here is Karys showing me that "Oh man my teasure islan so fa away!" (obviously spelled the way she'd say it!!) So maybe this summer we'll be "on a pirate adventure"??

Lastly, sadly, here's proof that my baby is turning into a big girl!!

So, that's it from me for now - as it is this post has taken me over five hours to publish!! Ahh life...better get back to the reality of it all.....Piles of laundry...waiting to be folded! Enjoy your day:)


Dawn said...

Hey Christina!
Did I hear you are joining us for the half marathon?? That's great! Karleigh is doing awesome and looking fantastic. Looking forward to seeing you again... have a great long weekend,

Dawn in Westbank

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