Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's Official!

Nope, contrary to how it pregnancy news here!! But I think that may be easier than what I am about to embark on!

The truth is... it is official that I am doing a 1/2 marathon (or at least going to attempt to train for it and drag my butt out there to see what the end result may be!!)

I have done a lot of thinking....weighing the pros and cons - do I really want to be trying to train for a run in the midst of the summer heat while living in a 'shelter'?!?! Do I really think that this is going to make any bit of a difference in who I am?? Can I really run 21.1kms and not keel over in mass coughing fits, gasping for oxygen and a gurney to drag me across the finish line?? etc...etc...etc!!!!
Yes...I have thought about it all and have rationalized the idea of not training for the sake of enjoying my summer, and just trying to "get a run in" while and where I can; but then what would I be striving toward?? I need something to focus on!!!
Thus.....I will make it official and announce that, in October, I will be running (or whatever you may call my trudging down the road) a 1/2 Marathon with my dear, dear, true kindred spirit!!! We have been though so much together (good and sad and happy and bad) and I am so elated to be able to cross this one off the list of "things we've conquered together!!" We can do it girl!! Or at least I think that I can do it if you promise to be there cheering me on as the last person to cross the finish line!!!
Humbly, I admit, I will do this, and all the while pray that the latter image is not proven true!!! So...wish me luck...and please leave me some suggestions for awesome running tunes...I'm gonna need it!! (Yes, that means you....lurkers!!! You don't even have to leave your name, I just need some groovin' tips!!)


Barley Girl said...

this is a hilarious post.
I am always here to cheer you on...
here goes nothing!have a great long weekend.

Dawn said...


Just getting caught up on your blog... so excited you'll be doing this with Karleigh (and us :-)