Monday, May 19, 2008

A Great Weekend...

Well, I guess I am like any other normal Canadian, in that I was really looking forward to this weekend! Not that we had anything in particular planned, but it's a long weekend! That term, in and of itself, brings excitement!! Not that Jim even has today off, because he doesn't, but still it gave us an excuse to relax a bit while at work (aka: the lake!) So...we set off for the lake on Friday and got right to work.....
Me...on my tan:)
Karys...on the things 2 year olds do!

And Avery....on being cute!! I personally think she has the easiest of the jobs!

And, as we were busy doing our long-weekend business, so were the guys! Opa was busy getting another semi-permanent dwelling built....

And the guys were busy showing off their new toy to our surprise guest, or as Karys likes to say, "Untle Woo-dee!"

And after a hard days work, it is so nice to just have some fun and enjoy the views!! Karys is obsessed with animals of all kinds and wants to hold them all (even the bear we saw on the side of the road!!) So, the fact that Oma has a dog small enough to be dragged around, squished, and carried anywhere, is quite pleasing to Karys!

As you can see, she enjoys the close quarters (and...being naked in the outdoors;P)

Here she is going on her first boat ride...with Opa!A bit of our evening view!And here we are cooling off in the boat after I went for a run in the afternoon sun!! (Note to self: don't run on a dirt road in 30 degree weather with music so loud you can't hear the dogs - with their teeth showing and hair raised - chasing you!!) Thank goodness for a lake to run into after working up such a sweat!!

So, we enjoyed a few nice days outdoors and just when we were starting to think this May Long weekend might turn out to be unlike any others...

...yup, the clouds rolled in and the rain poured down:) What's a long weekend without it hey?!

Anyhow, I guess I had better sign off for now, I've got cookies yet to make (hubby's orders! I think doing that Craft Fair got him to thinking we will always have baking like that in the house!)and dinner to get ready! And I am hoping to get in a run today too! (still waiting for some recommended tunes!)

But I'll leave you with my favourite picture of the weekend...

Taken while Jim and I got out for an evening stroll up the driveway!! It truly is a breathtaking piece of property we get to enjoy! Seriously... Let me know if you'd like to visit!! And enjoy the rest of your holiday Monday - whatever that means for your family:)


kelly said...

fabulous pictures. what a difference it looks like at the lake compared to when we were there, hey?
nice that Rudy came up to surprise you guys!
yeah, so i obviously didn't get around to calling you today, but hopefully tomorrow. *sigh*
again, i LOVE those pictures.

Barley Girl said...

love the pictures, I am sure you are going to love it there this summer.. hopefully it will be a mosquito free year!!!
as for the tunes, I am just plugging in all of the worship music I have so i can have a time with God as I run .. that works for me.. but for you.. I dont know?
I love the picture of the moon! Gorgeous!

Suzy said...

i have some sweet tune-age to hook you up with. i'm going to post some soon on my bloggity blog!