Sunday, May 11, 2008

Blessings In THIS Moment

Well I must say...this was my best Mother's Day yet! We have celebrated this day for four years now (first time being when I was pregnant with Karys) and although Jim has done something every year, this year takes the cake! Maybe because I love feeling loved and Mother's Day basically started for us on Friday with Jim taking me out for Dinner - just the two of us! Such a nice treat, and even nicer when you can feel 100% confident in the kids loving where they're left! Then, Saturday was another day out at the lake with the guys setting up the portable mill and testing it out - we've now officially got our own lumber yard! When we got home, Jim did everything! By that I mean he told me to sit down and cuddle the girls while he cleaned everything up and got everything ready for the girls' night-time routine! So with a clean house and a full glass of wine, we sat in content silence, feeling completely blessed with where we are and the family we have! God is good!

This morning arrived awfully early for me as I was up last night preparing everything for today's craft fair until 2am! With everything loaded up - crafts and kids - Jim dropped me off at the hall and then went out to our local "Hot Spot" (aka: Timmy's) and picked me up some breakfast! It's not like he never does this for me, but when I know he's doing them with the intent to make today extra works!! So once he had dropped off the goods and took a peak at my table, he took the girls home for a day with Daddy! And as if that all weren't enough, when I got back from the fun, yet non-profitable, craft fair, I was met with a home-made card! Stamped and embellished to boot! How thoughtful! I know some of you may not be 'card people,' but I am and if there's nothing else but a card...I'm good! So to have all this AND a home-made card...I was great! Then, to top it all off, we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, I got to go out for a run and Jim made dinner! Now the kids are in bed and here I sit composing! What a day, what a husband, what a blessing!
So, having a weekend to bask in the love of family has left me in quite a reflective state of mind. That and the fact that my baby girl has just hit the five month mark last week! (*sigh*)
~Five Months Ago~
~Last Week~

This time has literally escaped me! Since when is my bitty baby jumping in her exersaucer and finding her feet and doing all this 'big girl' stuff?! As I sit and think about how fast this time has gone, I now know what people mean when they say "Cherish these moments!" You see, with Karys I was a first-time Mom and she was our first baby! We couldn't wait for her reach her "next stage"! Eagerly watching and waiting for her to get beyond where she was, we excitedly embraced each newly reached milestone. Until we found ourselves with a two year old who can do more than we ever expected and wondering where our baby went?!

So, with Avery, I was determined to relish in the new-ness of her, all the sleeping and eating and being a baby! And even though I feel like I have done that, she still seems to have "grown up" before my eyes!! (so sad!) Don't get me wrong, I love the stage she's in, but I wanted a 'baby' for longer! Which is the reason for my title today! It seems as though which ever stage of life we are in, we are always looking ahead to the next stage, distracting ourselves from finding the joys and blessings of the moment! For example, when we were dating, we were forever thinking about getting married. When we first got married - young and free - we were consumed with the thought of starting a family. Now that we have both, we look back on those days and think "Man, what did we ever worry about?!" Again, not that we aren't completely happy with where our life has taken us; on the contrary, we are so glad for all the stages and how they came together that we now see (looking back) what people mean when they say "cherish these moments!" So I will! I will embrace the two-year-old-everything-is-mine stage, and the five-month-old-loving-life stage, knowing that I will undoubtedly look back on this time and think "what did we ever worry about!"


rachel said...

i'm glad that you had such a great mother's day weekend!

kelly said...

sounds awesome! Glad you had such a good day :)