Tuesday, March 16, 2010

{a little bit of R & R...and R}

we've been purposely taking some time to do nothing except be together...and it looks like it's paying off! We had to document this unsolicited cuddle and it's "open-arms" reception!

yes...art and creativity is relaxing to me and my kids!!
this is a picture Karys came up with while doodling one day! What it is, you ask? Why, it's a canoe with men, obviously! And wind (the black squiggle) and stars?? I forget what the 2 blue things at the top are...they may be clouds with rain.

more creativity at work...

{karys' prints on the left...avery's on the right. not much difference in size, I see!}

.: and renovation:.
yes, our property in continually changing!
the bottom half of our house is now blue, thanks to some free hardi-board siding Jim got. I think it's a nice contrast to the incredible fir posts!

and our yard has been virtually stripped of all things with roots, minus the "grass"(read:weeds), of which we have an abundance!
we're patiently waiting the arrival of Jim's brother, for with him comes the ever-coveted bulldozer!!
yes, some serious transformations are in store for this little plot of earth we own:)

off I head...for some more R & R & R...


kelly ens said...

love the hands and feet paintings.
your house is looking amazing - pretty different from when we were there last :) can't wait to see the finished product!