Monday, March 1, 2010

{like mother/ daughter(s)!!}

so, not too sure what it's like in your place, but around here we like to pretend:) sometimes we're fairies - go figure! sometimes we're cats/dogs. sometimes we're princesses.

And sometimes...

we're "Mummy"
hat, gloves, heeled boots and a watch

and/or "Daddy"
gotta love that grin!!

At the moment, we're all counting down the days until I am done my second term of work! Each of us is eagerly anticipating the arrival of this Thursday!!'s only a matter of 3 more months!! Can NOT wait!!!!

And in anticipation of "time-off" I'm mentally planning my vegetable garden...any tips/veggie suggestions for this "black-thumb" gardener will be greatly appreciated!

Come know you've got some!!


kelly ens said...

cute pictures! love Avery's grin :)
yay to this term being over!!