Tuesday, March 16, 2010


it all came about with the simple little question: "Mummy, how do you get hiccups?" ...and the direction in which our conversation headed would change my life...and hers!!

me: "I'm not too sure K...I guess it's something you'll have to ask God when you get to heaven."

k: "Hmmm..............how do you get to heaven again??"

me: "You know..."

k: "Oh yeah, I forgot, I have to ask Jesus into my heart!"

me: "YAAA, your right Karys!!!"

k: "I know!!" (said in the tone of a four year old...going on 14!) "I did that already when you and Daddy were sleeping at Oma and Opa's...*hiccup*"

me: "what?!?! what did you do at Oma and Opa's??!"

k: "Asked Jesus into my heart when I was laying in bed and you and Daddy were sleeping...are you done my hair yet??"

me: "Awe Karys...that's so incredible...Mummy's so happy for you!!"

I couldn't get into a deeper conversation with her at that moment as I had company over, but that evening during dinner, I asked Karys to share with Daddy what she told me...and after pretending she didn't know what I was talking about, she told Jim the same thing!!

We both looked at each other...admittedly, with tears in our eyes! We were very happy for our little girl, to say the least! So, after a phone call to Oma and Opa, and Gram, we headed out to celebrate - Karys and her new salvation...and Avery and her potty-training success!

{the ever-faithful "cheese" face}

{our big girl...she looks so mature here!}

...my heart rejoices...my soul sings...


kelly ens said...

indeed, big things to celebrate!!!! :)
Welcome to the 'family' Karys!

Anonymous said...

mine does too. :)

Melissa said...

Such a wonderful event to celebrate!!!