Monday, January 3, 2011

The Dawning of 2011...

So many words...swirling in my brain...

so many thoughts...trying to wrangle into sentences...

another year is upon us...and i have again sought a "word" to carry into this new chapter...

looking back on last year's word...i find it ironically similar to what life looks like for us at this moment...a year later...

the only difference is our attitude!

"delight yourself in the Lord" ~psalm 37:4

so, yes...we are going around the same mountain, but this time, we are learning!

we have learned to be happy in our "right now"...

not wallowing in what we had...

or longing for what's to come...

but to be content because we are
right.where.we.are! (Phil 4:11)

so...this year my phrase is
"expectant joy"

i will expect the best...of all people, in all circumstances!

Jesus came that we may have life...but not just a "hum-drum," "every day the same," "whoa-is-me" sort of life...but life in ABUNDANCE!!

No matter what is happening, no matter what situation I find myself in, or what chore I find myself doing, or what duty I have to fulfill, I can choose to do it with JOY!

I will pray bolder prayers because I believe what it says in Eph. 3:20...

He is able to do far over and above all that we [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams]

...does that makes sense to you?? HE is able to do MORE than we could even begin to FATHOM!! i would imagine that that's a LOT!

and just in case you may think that you aren't warranted any asking, dreaming or imagining...James 4 says that we have not because we ask, I WILL ask...BOLDLY!

I will enjoy where I am at while I get to where I'm going!

I will dream big dreams and even if I only get part of it, that's better than dreaming small and getting it all!

it is promised in Isaiah that God will trade me JOY for mourning...He will give me BEAUTY for

seems like He's getting a bad deal, but His divine doesn't have to make sense, i simply have to accept it!!

I will expectantly hope for the BEST and live with JOY!

no, it won't be easy, and yes, there will be many times throughout this year where I fail and choose complaining and moaning over EXPECTANT JOY...but this will continue to be my hope and desire...this will be what I seek each morning, and what I pray He gives me the strength to live with!

And you...?

What word/phrase will you take with you this year??

Whatever it is, I hope you choose it expecting the best!

on this, the dawning of a new year, i am filled with EXPECTANT JOY for what's to come!

~blessings to you...


kelly ens said...

what a great way to face the year! awesome :)