Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pay-It-Forward...2011 this is something I found (and did) on Facebook...and it took longer than I thought... "who wouldn't want something homemade???"

at least that's what I thought!!!'s the deal: this first five people to leave a comment here will receive from me something homemade within the year 2011!!

the catch: in return, your comment is sealing the deal that you will "pay it forward" and post this same thing in your blog, committing to make something for 5 other people:) Come know you want to...and you have 365 days to come up with 5 things from the heart! That's like thinking of something for someone once very 2+ months!!

who's in??


The W's said...

Okay Christina, you've got me. I have been seeing this on facebook and I"m always a little hesitant with "forwardy" things on there ;) But suckered me in. I am in no way a crafty person so I am going to have to be REALLY creative......

Christina B said...

Yay Brenda!!!!!

I knew I could do it!!! And...FYI, handmade...simply means "homemade"!! Think cookies, casseroles, or crafty!! The world is your oyster!!
And now...just email me your address...and wait:)