Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{still standing}

so...in attempts to further procrastinate preparing for my 2 sessions tonight (2 of the last 5 I ever have to do!!), I blog!

and drink too much coffee...and bake...and prepare dinner in the crock-pot...and think of new and exciting projects I could get started on! but then reality hits and I remember "I have to teach ALL THIS STUFF in a very little while...GET TO IT!!!"

so this is all I got for ya! a little smackerel of what's to come...when life stops being so darned demanding, or at least when this contract is done!

{our life...in a nutshell}
we've been spending tons of time outside...and the royal "we" has been making our yard beautiful! you can thank him for this most recent weather system...he just seeded our lawn:)

{my babies - on Mother's Day}
here they sat, all three, waiting patiently for me to finish getting ready...
i am blessed...

stay tuned!!